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About Gnie Group

Gnie-Caribbean is the regions biggest services directory & e-commerce marketplace. Consisting of 15 entities, we are dedicated to promoting Caribbean business. Created and developed by Caribbean people, our mission is to deploy cutting edge technology to connect Caribbean entrepreneurs, service providers, manufacturers, professionals, creatives and artistes with  45+ million people across the region. Whether you are from Aruba, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad or Puerto Rico, this platform is a one stop shop to facilitate trade and transaction amongst people on all islands.  From finding builders, architects, jobs, online courses, products, events, to healthcare or movies. You can find it all on this platform in multiple languages and on devices. Gnie: Your wish is our command.

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From Creation to Mission

Empowering independent business owners

Caribbean people got a knack for developing very unique things. Innovation runs in our blood, yet limited opportunities exist to help many natives transform their ideas to reality. The Gnie platform was primarily created to give people of the region the tools & resources to turn their ideas into a successful venture. Launched at the peak of the pandemic, amidst millions of business closure, Gnie embarked on a mission to help regional businesses migrate their operations online seamlessly.  

By providing a secure e-commerce marketplace for Caribbean businesses to connect with regional consumers, the world is their oyster.  Activities, such as,  product launch, online sales, bulk manufacturing, fund raising to shipping can all be done on one platform. Gnie is the perfect business accelerator tool. For individual users, Gnie will be your personal assistant designed to help you find any service or product you want, right under your fingertip. Your wish is our command!

Meet our team

Solid people who are committed to the cause

Software Developer

Asaad Munir

Asaad graduated from Miami University with first class honours in software engineering. Having worked in junior roles at various tech companies, he joined Gnie where he operates at a senior level where everyday offers new challenge. 

Marketing & Promotions

Laura Ruiz

Laura joined Gnie after two years of working with a marketing agency based in San Juan. Being multi-lingual and a Hons graduate from University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras, she brings a lot of practical experience.

social media manager

Natasha Simms

Natasha is an MBA graduate and freelance social media expert. taking on the role of social media manager at Gnie has help deliver innovative ideas within a team setting.  Both internal & external stakeholder benefit.

operations Manager

Errol Cummings

Errol has extensive experience in managing tech companies in Europe. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience to help run the day-to-day operations of Gnie and deliver a bespoke service to our users. 

Finance Manager

Anslim Woods

A qualified CPA/CMA with practical experience in the tech and venture capital industry. Gnie is please to have Anslim join our management team. Playing a vital role in steering the companies financial success. 

Sales manager

Sergio Baptise

Sergio leads a team of eight sales people and continues to expand. As an elite sales personnel, he is dedicated to managing the company’s client portfolio and growing the company’s service offering. 

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