Gnie-Caribbean foundation helps fund shelter for victims of domestic abuse:

Gnie-Caribbean donates a percentage of its profit to help provide temporary housing to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.

Often times, these victims are vulnerable and possess little means of survival or escaping from their abusers.  Our foundation’s primary goal is to help provide them with safe boarding and temporary employment.

You can help too.

Two trees are planted for every one pine tree cut down for timber usage.

Our cloud servers are powered by wind turbines in northern Europe.

We support air transportation powered by renewable fuel.

Computer skills are taught to service users to enhance future employability.

Every little counts

Having a single charity partner lets us focus our charitable activities, so we can be a real force for good and have a much bigger impact. In fact, our support means that approximately 15,000 rooms can be built to help the vulnerable by 2025.

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