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How Gnie Service Works?


Explore Some Key Features of Gnie Service: is an innovative business directory marketplace specifically geared towards service providers: such as, professionals, creatives, tradesmen, artistes, fashion designers, chefs and tourism host. Our platform is the biggest tech platform in this space and offers numerous benefits to our users.

Innovative Marketplace

Our cutting edge technology makes it easy for service providers to connect with millions of people across the Caribbean in one place.


Business Banking

Get paid, transfer money, buy crypto, issue invoice or store money in your E-wallet securely. All Caribbean countries covered.


Regional Ecommerce

Get hired or sell your services to over 43 million people across the Caribbean 24/7. Architect, Accountant, Builder, Chef, Tutor, freelancer, find new in minutes.


Multiple Resource

You will get access to loads of resources to compliment your business & personal life, from streaming, e-shopping and more.

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