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Gnie Health

Putting quality health care in the palm of your hand.

The Gnie Health platform was created to connect experience and qualified medical practitioners with people across the region. Through the use of advanced technology, quality healthcare can be delivered to you regardless of your distance.

Speak to a medical professional via the app 24/7.

Benefits of Tele Health

Remote Access

People living in remote and rural communities can access health care faster and without a waiting list.

Patient Engagement

Tele health improves patients' interaction with GP and simply routine tasks, like prescription order.

Cost Reduction

The cost of delivering & receiving medical care is significantly reduced for both, as all tasks are executed online.

Digital Healthcare Solutions
Boosting Care For All

Our goal is to health people receive the best health care regardless of income or location. By democratising healthcare, technology is used to level the playing field. Now you can get prescription online, medication delivered to your door and so on.

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